Welcome to Child of the Heart - Russian Adoption Specialists Contact Child of the Heart - Russian Adoption SpecialistsChild of the Heart is a non-profit, licensed adoption agency that specializes in placing children from Russia in loving homes in America.
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Child of the Heart is a non-profit, licensed adoption agency that specializes in placing children from Russia in loving homes in America.
Testimonials from parents who have adopted Russian children through Child of the Heart.
"We had a wonderful trip to Russia.  It was beyond our expectations.  As usual, everybody was wonderful.  It was so nice seeing them again. They all hold special places in our hearts. We did not want to leave them.  The girls loved seeing Russia again and Larissa's Russian has improved greatly.  We loved every aspect of the trip from start to finish. And, Max is wonderful.  I feel like he has been in our family forever.  He blended into the family from the start.  He is intelligent, affectionate, kind, sweet-natured and loves to laugh.  He has already brought us so much joy.  The Lord has blessed us abundantly.
 We cannot thank you enough.  Also, a huge thanks for allowing us to take the entire family.  We know extra people add more work for everyone.  We will always cherish this special family time in Russia.  Thank you." - Debbie.

"Thank you so much for finding our beautiful daughter, and bringing her home. Maria is getting along wonderfully. She is active and smart, and loves to eat. I took her to the doctor yesterday, and she was such a little trooper. She is a very brave little girl. She got a excellent medical report. The doctor said that she just needs to gain a little weight, etc. I don't think that she will have a problem doing that. So far, she eats anything. The orphanage said that she was a picky eater, but she does not appear to be. She is very protective of her big brother. She pushes others away if they get near him. (He thinks that it is great.) She gives Mama and Papa hugs and kisses all of the time. However..... she does have another side to her - a very definite opinion on some issues. Particularly clothes - She has her own fashion sense and I haven't been able to figure it what it is yet. She can throw quite a fit if she disapproves of her clothes and/or her hair. (I think that it is just a Russian women trait. :>) ) Thank you again for all that you did for us, and also what you are doing for all of the children! " - Ann

"We are so blessed to have Roman in our family now - he is a WONDERFUL child!! And,...did they tell you how ACTIVE he is??!!!!!! He was a little quiet in the baby home, but as soon as we got him to the hotel, he never stopped walking/running and babbling baby talk! In fact, he was even dancing on the dance floor at one of the restaurants...  Roman had his first doctor's appointment today and the doctor said that he is the healthiest Russian child she has seen so far. She said that he was right on track developmentally in all areas for his age - 15 months. She said he was extremely strong (as she had a hard time holding him down to clean out some excessive ear wax :-) - she said his strength was a sign of his good health! Guess what? While we were in Siberia, Roman went to the bathroom door which was closed and he started banging on it calling "Da Da, Da Da" because he wanted his Daddy to play!! He LOVES his daddy. They bonded immediately at the orphanage. He loves me too and said Ma MA yesterday...but Daddy is his buddy, his tumble playmate. Kaitlin is so sweet to Roman. Oh, and guess what? In the airport after all of our friends had gone home, Kaitlin says, "Mommy, in a little while, can you and Daddy go back to Russia to get another baby sister and baby brother?" Oh well, I thought she would at least wait to ask this until we had Roman home for at least a year - we had not even gotten home from the airport yet! I know this turned out to be a difficult case, but thankfully, we did not know about the details until after the court date. We knew this before, but now there can be NO DOUBT, that God brought Roman into our family. Only the Lord is powerful and sovereign enough to have worked out all of the details of our case. It is amazing! If a child is to be in your family, only the Lord can work it out to bring him home. We never panicked - we knew there was nothing for us to do, but to trust God. I am so thankful that Roman is the one chosen for our family. It is going to be exciting to see the plans that the Lord has for both of our children. They each have an amazing story and I know that God will use both of them in a great way! THANK YOU for not giving up on our case! Thank you for trusting God, thank you for praying, "- Kathy

"We are finally home, missed our connection in New York and got home today about noon. I just thank you so much for all you have done. The trip could not have gone smoother....The Russian facilitators are absolutely wonderful. I wish i could express my thanks in a better way but right now my brain is numb. We love our little boy. HE is something else....you should have seen him when we got home....I think the adjustment will be easy. He loves his papa, and brothers, not so crazy about me yet...but...he will be. I hope you know the importance of what you are doing....it goes beyond words,"- Koni



























Child of the Heart is a non-profit, licensed adoption agency that specializes in placing children from Russia in loving homes in America.

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